Episode 65: Interview with Athlete Branding Extraordinaire and Pliable Founder, Greg Glynn

In this episode Colin and Elliot interview Greg Glynn, founder and CEO of Pliable, a marketing, PR, and broadcasting company. Pliable specializes in athlete branding for high school, college, and professional athletes. Greg was also Colin’s hockey commentator back in his college days!

Greg has worked with athletes and teams from a wide range of sports, and is very interested in working with the triathlon community. We discuss the importance of athlete branding, social media, media coverage, and creative ways to stay on the cutting edge of this ever-changing communications industry. Greg also hosts his own podcast called The Athlete Brand Advisor Podcast. If you would like assistance in creating an athlete brand for yourself, or have any questions, you can schedule a consultation with Greg here.

Enjoy the listen and hope to see you at Ironman St. George, Greg!

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