Episode 66: The Benefits of Training Camps and Training in Group Settings

In this episode, Colin and Elliot talk about the importance and benefits of training camps and training in group settings. Colin just got back from his Every Man Jack training camp in Vegas and walked away with a huge bump in fitness and motivation. Coach Elliot has also participated in training camps in the past and is a huge proponent of them.

When you’re training for a triathlon at a camp, you don’t have the same commitments than at home, so it feels less busy. At home, you have people to see and routines to maintain, whereas at a camp, you’re shaking up your routines a bit and you have everything at your doorstep. You can literally walk 2 minutes to the gym and 30 meters to the pool and skip all the commuting and spend that time training.

Training at a camp simplifies everything: all you have to think about is training for triathlon. Being surrounded by so many athletes, you feel like you’re living like a professional and committing to a time away with less social interruptions.

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