Episode 67: Interview with Sarah Fuller and Insights on the new Maine 70.3 Venue

In this episode, Colin and Elliot interview 46 year-old triathlete, Sarah Fuller. Sarah is an emergency and security planner, and has been competing in triathlon for eight seasons. She tackled her first full Ironman at Lake Placid in 2018. Sarah is a member of the Tri 44/69 Squad and their mascot is an alien! Triathlon is part of Sarah’s everyday lifestyle and she’s always keeping it fun! Her biggest racing challenge this year will be competing in three 70.3s in seven weeks!

Sarah is also one of the main influencers on the new venue for Maine 70.3. The 70.3 will now be in Augusta after several years in Old Orchard Beach. The new race agreement is a multi-year contract, so the capital region will get to showcase itself for the next few years and draw growth opportunities to Augusta and its surrounding communities. If you’re searching for a new 70.3 venue to tackle, the new Maine 70.3 course should be at the top of your list!

Enjoy the listen!

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